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Guide to the budget spending boom

Sponsored by Omdia

Spending by the federal government, announced in this week’s Budget, is at record levels. For vendors, suppliers, advisors and consultants to government departments and agencies, the opportunities are significant. This guide, compiled by The Mandarin in conjunction with Omdia Research, analyses where that spending is happening, with a major emphasis on ICT. 

A 21st century economy needs budget measures relevant to contemporary needs. Post-COVID, the Australian economy is more dependent on digital services than ever before.

Despite the rhetoric of digital government, past budgets have still tended to deal with internal ICT initiatives quite separately from the broader digital economy. The 2020-21 budget has taken a very different approach. More than $7bn in digital initiatives has been woven into the budget’s underlying fabric.

For a deep-dive analysis into ICT government spending initiatives in the Budget, download the Guide to the Budget Spending Boom.

eBook: Guide to the budget spending boom

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