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Whitepaper: Leader personality and performance differences in the public versus private sector

Sponsored by Peter Berry Consultancy

Personality differences across public and private sector leadership

As leaders play such a significant role in driving the culture and success of an organisation, it is really valuable to understand what differentiates leaders, especially in this current world climate where there is a need for leaders to step up to ensure ongoing performance and sustainability.

Authored by: Dr Lynne Cruickshank, Head of Research, PBC, this whitepaper summarises some recent research by Peter Berry Consultancy that explored personality and performance differences for over 45,000 leaders in the public and private sectors. It highlights some interesting differences between public and private sector leaders and provides useful insights for those involved in leadership selection and development.

PBC Hogan - Leadership personalities and performance

For over 30 years, Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC) has been using an evidence-based approach to leadership assessment and development to ensure future leaders drive strategic and sustainable success in their organisations. Our team of qualified organisation psychologists and executive coaches work with businesses large and small to create tailored leader development programs.