Budget axe: the small government agencies abolished by Abbott

Merged, consolidated and abolished: the government will work through a “methodical” process of slashing some 175 agencies from the Commonwealth ranks. Read the full list.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott assured the nation that “business goes on” amid the siege situation in Sydney that caused the evacuation of New South Wales and Commonwealth agencies in Martin Place. The Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook — axing and consolidating 175 agencies — was no exception.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann would not quantify additional staff cuts to the Commonwealth public service, originally announced in the budget as 16,500.

“We’re still on track for that,” Cormann told the media conference in Parliament House today. “Our objective is to bring staffing levels across the public sector federally back to the same level as back in 2007-08.

“There will obviously be further efficiencies as a result of announcements reflected in MYEFO today, but that process is now to be gone through. Our objective ultimately, as it should be, is to ensure the administration and operations of government at a federal level are as efficient and effective as possible. Some of the decisions, of course, to merge bodies, to abolish bodies, to consolidate various functions will lead to further opportunities for efficiencies but they will be quantified as we go through those processes in an orderly and methodical fashion.”

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