Victoria to pilot digital twin program

By Shannon Jenkins

Wednesday November 25, 2020

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The Victorian government will spend more than $2 million to trial a new digital twin for the state as part of a number of budget measures to improve the efficiency of Victoria’s planning system.

The pilot of the 3D spatial data program, Digital Twin Victoria, will bring together a range of “disparate” spatial data to develop digital models of Victoria.

“This will increase efficiencies in planning, construction and infrastructure initiatives, and service delivery,” the budget papers state.

A digital twin is a virtual replica of a real-life object, process or system.

Earlier this year the New South Wales government launched a spatial digital twin in partnership with CSIRO’s Data61. The technology provides 3D and 4D digital spatial data and models of the built and natural environment to aid the state planning process before construction has even begun.

Data61 also opened a digital twin lab in Melbourne last year.

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Other planning initiatives outlined in Tuesday’s state budget include:

  • $111 million to “unlock” Victoria’s planning system to speed up the delivery of major projects,
  • $38 million to improve planning processes,
  • A new assessment model for development proposals greater than $50 million,
  • $15.7 million to deliver ongoing upgrades to digital systems for permit and planning scheme amendments that were brought online due to the pandemic,
  • $4 million to help councils upgrade their digital planning permit systems,
  • $14 million to the Victorian Planning Authority, including for a program that provides support to councils to fast-track local planning applications.

Planning minister Richard Wynne noted that the pandemic has shown how much can be achieved online.

“We want to build on that strength, creating an easy, online and accessible planning and permit system,” he said.

The state government has also allocated $195.9 million to establish Digital Victoria — a new agency that will  centralise and simplify the government’s IT services.

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