Biden to strengthen ethics rules for public servants

By Shannon Jenkins

Wednesday January 20, 2021

Image: AP

President-elect Joe Biden is set to introduce ethics rules that will ban incoming public servants from receiving compensation from their former employers for joining the government.

Aside from barring the ‘golden parachute’ payment, the Biden administration will also attempt to put an end to ‘shadow lobbying’, according to CNN.

The practice involves ex bureaucrats helping lobbyists connect with their former employer, the government, without contacting the government themselves.

The Washington Post reports that the guidelines will ban outgoing officials from lobbying the administration for at least the length of Biden’s term, and will place a one-year limit on working for lobbyists.

Rules preventing ex officials from contacting their former agency will be extended from one year to two, and will ban any contact with senior White House staff.

There will also be stricter rules for officials moving over from the private sector, and for former staff that hope to register as foreign agents.

Barack Obama’s White House special counsel for ethics and government reform, Norm Eisen, told the Washington Post that the incoming government’s plan is “the boldest and most ambitious presidential ethics plan ever launched by an administration of either party”.

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