New APS exhibition and careers centre to attract recruits, Morton says

By Shannon Jenkins

Friday February 19, 2021

Museum of Australian Democracy. Adobe

New permanent exhibitions aiming to tell the story of the Australian Public Service and to inspire future recruits will open at the Museum of Australian Democracy in May.

At a State of the Service event on Friday morning, assistant public service minister Ben Morton said the exhibition would showcase a range of career options available in the APS, to educate school students as they shape their studies around future professions.

The Australian Public Service Commission will receive $5 million to design and install an exhibition demonstrating the diverse role the APS plays to support the community, as well as an APS Careers Inspiration Centre to be located in the senate undercroft at Old Parliament House, Morton noted.

“Showcasing the work that you do through this exhibition, linking the [APS] Academy and the Careers Inspiration Centre, will develop the idea that working in the APS is a critical way to play an active role in the Australian democracy,” he said.

“This new space is designed to inspire a wider pool of potential recruits, attract diverse skills and perspectives into the public service. It will offer an interactive exhibition experience for all age visitors, showcasing a multitude of opportunities available in the APS as an APS career, to inspire the future generation of public servants and help shape their academic choices.”

While the APS is “not a role well understood across the community”, the exhibitions would start a “new conversation” with the public about the role of the APS in democracy, and how it has supported government operations and the community to deliver for Australians throughout its 120-year history.

Housed in the Yeend suite, once occupied by former Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet secretary sir Geoffrey Yeend, the exhibitions will present case studies to “bring public view to the unseen work of the APS”. Government agencies will also contribute a collection of objects and stories to the exhibition.

The exhibitions will compliment the upcoming redevelopment of the National Electoral Education Centre, and a new educational exhibition on the electoral system, Morton said.

“It’s an investment in one of our key national institutions, improving facilities to create a great experience for visitors and student learnings. It’s my hope that bringing these elements together excites and inspires the idea of participating further in our democracy.”

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