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Report: A blueprint for enhanced citizen experiences

Sponsored by Adobe

Government websites have had almost a billion visits since the onset of the pandemic as Australians sought reliable information and support services en mass. Digital access began as a necessity, but it’s emerged as a preference.

While government stepped up to meet digital demand, the latest Deloitte report commissioned by Adobe, the Blueprint for Enhanced Citizen Experiences, shows there is room for improvement. Inconsistent information and delays mean many Australians still turn to non-government sources to get what they need.

To help enhance the citizen experience, our report provides a roadmap for the delivery of simpler, smarter and more personalised government services with insights into:

  • How citizens interact with government online and their perceptions of the experience
  • The power of personalisation to deliver citizens the right information at the right time, based on who they are
  • Overcoming the perceived challenges of personalisation and how to implement a solution
  • The mutual benefits to citizens and government

Download the Deloitte report to also learn about how local and global departments and agencies are already making an impact.


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