What to do with the first 100 days of a crisis response

By Melissa Coade

April 7, 2021

Interagency Taskforce Leadership project.
The resource  was developed as part of the Interagency Taskforce Leadership project. (Image: Adobe/JEGAS RA)

Interagency taskforce leaders will benefit from a new crisis-response toolkit that outlines what to do in the first 100 days of a disaster and how to deliver a coherent national approach. 

The toolkit, which also considers how to assemble the best team in times of crisis and other essentials, was launched on Wednesday. 

The resource  was developed as part of the Interagency Taskforce Leadership project and draws on 20 years of experience at the Australian Civil-Military Centre (ACMC). The group supports national civil-military police capabilities in responding to overseas conflicts and disasters.

ACMC Executive Director Dr Alan Ryan said the toolkit offered guidance to leaders and would assist with preparation and planning capabilities.

“During a crisis it is too late to learn the skills of managing a multiagency taskforce,” Dr Ryan said.

“Building preparedness and capacity of our interagency taskforce leaders will support effective responses to domestic and international situations requiring an integrated civilian-military-police response.”

The toolkit comprises a guide that outlines the principles of inter-agency taskforce leadership and characteristics of interagency environments; a video that considers how to build effective inter-agency relationships; and real-life scenarios based on the experience of interagency leaders.


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