Former public servant to front Tasmanian court over child sex abuse charges

By Melissa Coade

Friday April 16, 2021

child sex abuse Tasmania
The specific charges and the man’s government agency remain unclear.(Image:

A Tasmanian public servant who was charged over allegations of child sexual abuse will face court next week.

The public servant, who was stood down from his government job and charged by Tasmania Police in October last year, will face court on Wednesday, the ABC reports. 

The man’s specific charges and the government agency where he used to work remain unclear.

His court appearance will be the first of a series, with three separate investigations into child sexual abuse in Tasmania, and accusations from three government departments launched last year.

The Tasmanian government has published status updates relating to inquiries into 14 public servants who have been stood down from their government jobs and who are subject to recent child sexual abuse allegations. 

So far, the government says one public servant has been charged, 11 are being investigated over potential breaches of the state service code of conduct, and one has returned to work. Nine of the allegations are reported to be ‘historical’ and another five categorised as ‘contemporary’.

The list only relates to allegations made from October 2020, and does not include Tasmania Police matters or civil legal findings.

A commission of inquiry into Tasmanian government responses to child sexual abuse was formally established last month, and led by retired judge Marcia Neave AO as commission president. Professor Leah Bromfield and former Family Court Justice Robert Benjamin AM have also been appointed as commissioners.

The commission is investigating powers over allegations of sex crimes against children in state ‘institutional contexts’, including the Department of Education, the Tasmanian Health Service and the Department of Health, and the Department of Communities.


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