Nurses’ experience in mass vaccine delivery ‘overlooked’ by government

By Melissa Coade

April 29, 2021

All Australian states are looking at strengthening healthcare workforces. (Image: Adobe/Halfpoint)

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) has hit out at the credibility of the senate select committee on COVID-19 for failing to directly engage with the nursing profession over a vaccine roll-out.

Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward, ACN CEO, has issued a statement that queries how effective the Australian government’s vaccine rollout plans could be when nurses — responsible for the vast majority of community immunisation — are not being consulted.

Nurse immunisers are responsible for supporting the bulk of our community in vaccination, but there’s been no consideration of using already effective vaccine delivery systems.”

Professor Ward also claims the views of doctors are being favoured over nurses by the select committee on COVID-19.

Given nurses are both supporting those who are unwell due to COVID-19, as well as underpinning the health system under this additional strain, it is extremely disappointing that the committee hasn’t continuously engaged nursing in the same way as doctors, and we welcome the opportunity to be engaged,” Professor Ward said.

When the select committee does consider consulting with the Australian nursing profession, Professor Ward said the ACN had alternative models for the vaccine program to be considered. 

School vaccination programs deliver thousands of vaccines in mass-delivery setups every year; this is a model which can and should be examined by the Senate Select Committee as an alternate to current suggestions,” she added.


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