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eBook: Why does Government Risk matter for the public sector?

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Government has a profound impact, positive and negative, on the operations and activity of all organisations. While no one can anticipate every outcome of future government decisions, understanding how and where changes in policy could impact an organisation is possible – and key to preparing your organisation with the right information and strategy to respond.

Public sector agencies are no different.

GovernmentRisk360® provides the methodology to separate and define government risk across six categories with associated indicators to provide analysis on the operating environment of an organisation, project or issue in an Australian context. The methodology considers both external risks, where government decisions impact on an organisation, and internal risks, where the actions of an organisation change their relationship with government.

Download the GovernmentRisk360® eBook to learn more about the methodology and government related risk.


eBook: Why does Government Risk matter for the public sector?

FPL Advisory is a team of specialists resolving risks and creating opportunities with respect to government. We work with public sector and corporate clients to execute strategies for owning and managing change. We help organisations in uncertain or changing environments identify strategic goals and potential risks, and undertake analysis to develop robust policy positions. We also assist in engaging with key stakeholders including government decision makers, communicating policy positions and securing project and policy outcomes. As trusted advisors, we work closely with the senior level of organisations to deeply understand the issues, provide subject matter expertise and advice and to both lead and support reform programs. Our expert team has an intuitive understanding of both private and public sector processes and priorities, and a reputation for working with the right people to get things done on time, within budget and with integrity. Our experience includes project managing complex policy initiatives, delivering and leading long term stakeholder engagement programs, providing advice on emerging issues and preparing detailed policy submissions. Importantly, we invest in building deep corporate knowledge about client dynamics and issues which ensures we provide proactive and value-added advice and client support and develop long term client relationships.