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eBook: A quick guide to effective content

Sponsored by Biotext

Content is everything that goes on a website or page: the words, the headings and structure, the photos and diagrams, the graphs and infographics.

Great content – a logical structure, plain language and effective visuals – helps people to find what they need and understand the information easily.

This is imperative for the service delivery outcomes of Australian government agencies, departments and businesses alike.

This practical guide takes you through designing and running a content project, and the principles of creating effective content. The guide focuses on digital content, but the principles can apply to any content. 

Download the guide and learn how to improve your content processes and create effective communication for your audiences.


Biotext are content experts, specialising in scientific and complex information. We work in partnership with government and research clients to develop new content, improve existing content, or develop new communication solutions. We provide expert training in writing, editing and data visualisation, and have developed the Australian manual of style, now published in partnership with Macquarie University. Our staff are based Canberra, Melbourne and Tasmania, and we are members of a range of procurement panels including the Digital Marketplace.