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Welcome to The Juice — the most important email in your inbox each day. It’s a daily concentrate of news, analysis and thought leadership on public administration.

Welcome to The Juice — the most important email in your inbox each day.

The Mandarin is the new venue for public sector leaders. As publisher Tom Burton explained on day one, our mission is simple:

“We want The Mandarin to be the place that connects and helps people manage Australia better — for intelligent showcasing, discussion, collaboration and learning about public work and the people and many challenges behind it.”

A month into the project, our website is bursting with content from our dedicated reporting team and experienced industry partners in the government space. We’re highlighting the most innovative policy work, exploring the most pressing management issues and debating the future of the public sector in Australia. The Crane features the smartest minds at the top of the bureaucracy; The Coach offers practical career advice and professional development. And there’s many more features to come.

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