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eBook: The future of work in government

Sponsored by Alcami

The public sector has traditionally attracted talent through job security, financial reward and career progression. The wide variety of jobs and opportunities to participate in large-scale projects has also formed an important component of many government organisations’ employee value proposition.

However, skills gaps, new ways of working and technology are disrupting traditional hiring models. How can your government organisation overcome modern hiring challenges?

Explore how government organisations can overcome modern hiring challenges and use new ways of hiring to their advantage, download the guide and learn:

  • The critical hiring challenges in government
  • To reinvent how (and where) government work gets done
  • How to create a great candidate experience
  • Critical skills for the future of the public sector
  • Employer branding for councils & local government

The Future of Work in Government

Alcami was founded on the belief that there is a better, more fair and efficient way to interview candidates. Our philosophy is simple: Leverage structured video technology to help recruiters hire faster, smarter, and more effectively while enabling candidates to make better first impressions.