Nod to ACT public service for 20 years of hard work

ACT Public Service celebrates its creation 20 years, as the National Archives of Australia releases documents of those tentative first steps.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the creation of the ACT government public service, the National Archives of Australia and the Territory Records Office hosted an event with the ACT’s first chief minister, Rosemary Follett, on Sunday.

Follett was bookending an address she gave 20 years earlier to the 1994 graduate intake to the then ACT Government Service. Graduate administrative assistants were told the GS would one day be at the forefront of public administration in Australia:

“Over the next few years I expect there will be substantial progress in public administration, for example in equal employment opportunity, behaviours in the workplace and an increased level of innovation in management improvement,” Follett said, according to the documents released by the National Archives last month.

“It took nearly five years after independence was created for a public service to be established to administer the new territory. There appears to have been considerable movement of personnel between the Commonwealth and ACT GS, during this separation. A Separate Service Taskforce was established two years prior, amidst the protracted development of a Public Sector Management Bill, taking the best practice offered by the states and adding in a few tweaks such as whistle-blowers protection.

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