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eBook: The three keys to transformation through zero trust

Sponsored by Zscaler

The concept of zero trust has been around for more than a decade, yet there’s been a lot of confusion about what the term actually means. It is not simply a single technology. Zero trust is a holistic approach to securing modern organisations, based on least-privileged access and the principle that no user or application should be inherently trusted. 

As the internet becomes your new corporate network, zero trust provides the path to fast, seamless, and secure access across your entire business ecosystem. But implementing a zero trust security model isn’t just a function of IT—it impacts all areas of your business, and beyond the traditional confines of your organisation.

Successfully implementing zero trust requires a detailed strategy that addresses challenges and opportunities across people, processes, and technology platforms. 

Download this eBook to better understand the concept of zero trust and the three keys to unlock transformation through it.


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