PSsst! The Frydenberg tapes 

By The Mandarin

Friday October 1, 2021

Us too, Senator Payne, us too.
Us too, Senator Payne, us too. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnikl)

Is Defence’s anti ‘woke’ stance morphing into anti women’s leadership?

When Peter Dutton ordered defence to quit being so ‘woke’ and ban those ‘silly’ morning teas celebrating the LGBTI community, he drew a line in the sand. Defence needs tough men. But could Dutton the Destroyer now want women to harden up? Is he hankering for those good old days when women in defence had to pretend to be men, who happened to wear skirts?

Word has it that defence has dumped a key women’s mentoring and leadership program it has been offering ambitious young females for the past few years. Suddenly, the program has vanished. And the phone line to an explanation of why — has gone dead. As for the several hundred defence women on a waiting list to join the program, well, looks like they can forget it.

Wonder what the former defence minister Linda Reynolds might have to say about that? She was full of praise for the program when she witnessed some of it in action last year. One can only wonder what the eagerly awaited APS Gender Equality Strategy Refresh – currently two years overdue – might have to say on the surreptitious dumping of gender equity initiatives. Is this a sign that diversity and inclusion is on the nose? Job done?

Berg meets Berg

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will feature in his own podcast on the LiSTNR app with co-host presenter Sarah Grynberg. In fact, it’s called  Josh Frydenberg Podcast with Sarah Grynberg and will involve Grynberg asking Frydenberg questions about politics and current affairs.

Podcasts will be released monthly and are sure to be hugely popular. Hamish and Andy feel understandably threatened.

Advertised encryption

Encrypted apps were the place where protesters in Melbourne tended to communicate in the field during the recent rallies in Melbourne. At various times there was plenty of confusion about where they should gather. At some points it was the CFMEU office, and then the Victoria Market, and then Melbourne Central, and — because it was nice and sunny — somebody suggested St Kilda beach. The messages sent on those forums were not always kind and polite, with some agitators using very strong language while reflecting on a range of topics, including lockdowns and police presence.

The protesters running amuck also felt the need to establish a separate channel for logistical announcements. They advertised it, however, on one of their older channels that is monitored by media and law enforcement. It all meant the covert logistical information was inevitably seen by the authorities.

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