PSsst! Minister overlooks the PC police

By The Mandarin

Friday October 8, 2021


Minister overlooks the PC police

NSW minister for police and emergency services David Elliot has waved away the need for scrutinising the Catholic values of new state premier Dominic Perrottet with a clumsy LinkedIn post calling for more respect. 

Apparently, Elliot can’t cop what he dishes out because two sentences into his 103-word essay on ‘how not make a social media post’ as a serving member of parliament, he takes aim at “These lefties who campaign for ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’,” admonishing them for failing to take stock. Have you caught your breath over the hypocrisy yet?

Perhaps someone should inform the minister that diversity and inclusion are not values relegated solely to ‘progressive’ or ‘woke’ voters. Try again, minister. And remember the internet is watching.

Running mates and mates for life

Stuart Ayres surprised watchers of NSW politics when he, instead of Matt Kean, emerged this week as Dominic Perrottet’s running mate for the NSW Liberal Party leadership. 

What might be unknown to many is that Ayres is the partner of Marise Payne, the federal foreign affairs minister and minister for women. The couple met while campaigning in the NSW federal seat of Lindsay in 2007. 

Back then, the seat swung to Labor but the heartache mustn’t have lasted for too long.

Knock knock, who’s there?

So, how come the ACT has such a high vaccination rate? Latest figures show that 96% of Canberrans aged 12 and over have now had their first dose of a vaccine.

Canberrans are a largely compliant lot — and overwhelmingly sensible.

But we are also hearing reports of nurses with needles knocking on doors of the unvaccinated and kindly offering to vax on the spot.

Can’t be a hard job — there must surely be only a few dozen left to vaccinate in the capital by now.   

Taxing times

We are also hearing that the ATO is confusing payment plans for businesses that have a tax debt to pay off, with some getting more money taken out of their bank accounts to pay the debt off than had been agreed to. 

It is an interesting development given the recent publicity related to large corporations who have taken advantage of JobKeeper despite reporting profits to shareholders during a pandemic. 

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