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Whitepaper: Drive innovation in government with a single platform​

Sponsored by ServiceNow

To respond to a global pandemic, many governments rolled out new technologies to meet the growing demands for critical services. However, major roadblocks still exist that slow agencies’ progress toward transformational change. ServiceNow can help agency leaders overcome these roadblocks and better deliver on their mission.

Truly transforming the way services are delivered requires digging into the heart of operations and the processes that deliver services. It’s about how agencies get work done, and the systems used to move work and information throughout and between agencies.

This paper will examine the challenges, changes, and potential impact of digitisation in three key areas:

  • Transforming customer and citizen services
  • Enabling a more dispersed workforce
  • Securely managing data



With ServiceNow, government agencies empower the workforce and improve service delivery workflows, to deliver an excellent citizen experience. ServiceNow enables government agencies to drive workforce efficiency and make work flow securely. With one platform, agencies can modernise their IT and processes for their workforce to deliver an excellent citizen experience.For more information, visit servicenow.com/gov.