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Whitepaper: Gender Differences in Australian Leadership

Sponsored by Peter Berry Consultancy

There has been a growing interest in understanding the similarities and differences between female and male leaders, especially as insights in this area can have important implications for the selection and development of leadership talent and subsequent performance at an individual, team and organisational level.

The following white paper, compiled by Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC) summarises research that aims to contribute insights into this area by examining similarities and differences in the personality of female and male executives and managers in Australia, including comparison of top and bottom performing leaders.

Download the research to discover:

  • Differences that were found in relation to day-to-day personality tendencies, which may contribute to differences in leadership styles and the approaches adopted by female & male leaders.
  • What are the different motivators and drivers for female and male leaders, that contribute to different environments and cultures that are fostered by each leader?
  • What are the similarities in strengths and opportunities to improve amongst both genders?
  • The trends for the top-performing leaders in relation to their gender, and what we can learn from this.
  • Plus many more interesting outcomes.



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