State and territory governments launch forum to help reach net zero at COP26

By Jackson Graham

November 8, 2021

Matt Kean
NSW treasurer Matt Kean. (AAP Image/Joel Carrett)

Three Australian governments have forged a commitment to work together on solutions to achieve net-zero emissions at COP26, in a new forum they hope subnational governments in other countries will join. 

Through a Net Zero Emissions Policy Forum, initiated by the NSW, ACT and South Australian governments, governments across the political spectrum will work on practical solutions for drawing down emissions and growing economies.

They hope to do this while preventing the risk of reinventing the wheel. 

The forum — open to subnational governments nationally — will provide a repository of policies and resources; facilitate collaboration between governments to design policies; and create a space for problem-solving to address policy challenges and speed up the net-zero transition. 

NSW will chair a ministerial group leading the forum for its first 12 months, but it is expected that it will be co-chaired by a leading subnational government from overseas as the forum grows.

NSW treasurer and energy minister Matt Kean said greenhouse gas emissions did not recognise borders, and the forum would help tackle climate change with a globally collaborative approach.  

Andrew Barr, ACT’s chief minister, said the forum would help provide subnational governments with shared tools to address the policy challenges of achieving net-zero emissions. 

“We have some of the most important levers such as transport, buildings and energy,” Barr said. 

“As we approach the cities and regions day at COP26 in Glasgow, we call on all our colleagues in state and regional governments to work together to take decisive and practical action on climate change.”

South Australian environment minister David Speirs encouraged subnational governments around the world to join the forum to help create low-carbon jobs and leave a better planet behind.


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9 months ago

I don’t suppose ACT will challenge the NSW inner-city net-zero darling, on that $600m power plant, burning of forests for power, land clearing, water rorts, feral horses, and on it goes.

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