Complaints patterns must reach agency heads: ombudsman

Annual report season is over and agencies may take pride in fewer public complaints than previous years. But new guidance says complaints need more attention in 2015.

Colin Heave

Colin Neave

Commonwealth ombudsman Colin Neave has concluded his investigation of complaints handling in government agencies. He sat down with The Mandarin to discuss the trends, best practice and what improvements agencies can make in 2015.

In the public sector, complaints handling has improved but can still be rote, officious and — without outside attention — invisible to leadership. If an agency’s complaints are down, it might mean there are fewer issues, or invaluable public feedback about systemic problems just isn’t getting through.

Neave says treating every complaint from the public as if it could represent a systemic issue is one area the private sector has led best practice.

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  • Kim

    Interesting piece here!