Learnings for APS employees seeking data governance skills

By Jackson Graham

Tuesday November 30, 2021

PM&C hosted a forum for APS graduates and data governance newcomers. (yurolaitsalbert/Adobe)

Junior APS employees are building on their skills in data governance through a Prime Minister and Cabinet program aimed at improving policy outcomes across the sector. 

PM&C’s Graduate Data Network recently hosted a forum for APS graduates and data governance newcomers featuring two senior public servants who manage data strategy and projects. 

Tim Beard, data strategy manager at the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, said data governance had always been central to what the department did. 

“Regardless of your role, you have some sort of data in your job and you have to pay attention to it,” Beard said. 

He said the department’s data governance strategy promotes data capability across the workforce and offers training in data for staff of all experience levels. 

“We have foundational data, we have intermediate-level data, we have online tools that you can use … regardless of where you’ve come from or what your qualifications are or what your experience is, there’s something you can do,” Beard said.

Australian Bureau of Statistics research and analysis branch manager Joanne Hillerman shared insights into a multi-data integration project (MADIP) that brought together a range of agencies and required management and “clear accountabilities”. 

“The MADIP data itself can be analysed to produce whole of life insights that can improve the lives of Australians,” Hillerman said. 

“There are hundreds of research projects a year that are now accessing MADIP for their analytical and research work.”

The Graduate Data Network has encouraged people to make contact to gain access to the recording or presentation of the virtual event which was held in October. 


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