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eBook: The Government Book of Knowledge

Sponsored by ServiceNow

The biggest business story of the past two years was the impact of Covid-19 on the way we work and live; it showed that change can happen in an instant and without warning. So, it’s critical to adapt and rise to the challenge. 

Throughout this eBook, you’ll see stories from organisations that tackled complex challenges with digital workflows. While the problems are different, they all pushed forward, took the lead on their own digital transformation and unlocked impressive results.

Download this eBook to discover how your peers around the world are managing these complex challenges with workflows, including: 

  • Looking at a human-centric design approach to customer experience
  • Discover a case study on employee experience and enhanced human decision-making
  • A case study on improving enterprise service delivery and more..


With ServiceNow, government agencies empower the workforce and improve service delivery workflows, to deliver an excellent citizen experience. ServiceNow enables government agencies to drive workforce efficiency and make work flow securely. With one platform, agencies can modernise their IT and processes for their workforce to deliver an excellent citizen experience.For more information, visit servicenow.com/gov.