Protesters looking for trouble and publicity

By Chris Johnson

February 7, 2022

Convoy to Canberra
They have come to the nation’s capital to disrupt – and some have come to fight. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)


It should come as no surprise that someone involved in the boringly-named ‘Convoy to Canberra’ protests was arrested last week after police found a firearm and ammunition in his unroadworthy vehicle.

There is an ugly element to this so-called peaceful gathering. They have come to the nation’s capital to disrupt – and some have come prepared to fight. They have all come seeking publicity.

Protesters are demanding changes to laws they say are controlling their freedoms, inhibiting their choices and that are all-round telling them what to do.

But they have little regard for the law anyway.   

That has been evident in the way they have illegally driven, parked and camped around the nation’s capital.

Of most interest to them has been Parliament House, yet they arrived there making their presence known in noisy rallies when parliament wasn’t even sitting and the MPs not even there. They’re that clever.

Yet, their presence and threats have hindered access to the building for people who work there and have prohibited public visits.

This week being an actual parliamentary sitting week, everyone is expecting the protests to ramp up. How original.

Police have done a marvellous job in controlling the crowds and moving illegal campers, while allowing for peaceful protest.

The irony will be lost on the protesters camped illegally on the Patrick White Lawns right outside to the National Library. Most of them would not know what the inside of a library looks like.  


Protesters moved as ‘freedom’ demonstrations continue ahead of parliament sitting

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