PSsst! April Sun in Canberra

By The Mandarin

February 18, 2022

blue ukelele, bright shirt
Sing it with me! (ukterryg/Adobe)


I don’t hold a uke, mate

How charming: our prime minister plays the ukulele.

The nation was enlightened this week, learning just how competent Scott Morrison is on the dainty four-stringed instrument – not to mention his sublime vocal abilities.

April Sun in Cuba has never sounded so … well … unique.

While the band Dragon, the creators of the hit ’70s song, were none too impressed with the PM co-opting their music for political advantage, most people agreed there was no advantage at all for Morrison to offer such an affected yet cringe-worthy glimpse of himself.

But we think it’s worse than that.

The PM and his minders were obviously oblivious to the fact that the ukulele is an instrument from Hawaii.

Did the nation need reminding that Morrison has a special connection to Hawaii?

Did the PM really think playing a Hawaiian instrument on national television (even if he was trying to sing about Cuba), just two summers after he snuck over to that particular island paradise for a family holiday while Australia burned … was a good idea?

Up up and away

Barnaby Joyce, whose ministerial responsibilities include aviation, has instigated an internal review and study of Australia’s civil aviation sector.

The working document is called Flight Path. 

With such an original and creative name, it’s sure to take off.

Nurses are heroes, anti-vaxxers zeroes

Nurses in NSW rallied outside the state’s parliament house this week in protest over working conditions and wages, and in particular staff-to-patient ratios.

While the 5000 or so defied an Industrial Relations Commission ruling prohibiting the strike, they marched down Macquarie Street and made their presence known in an orderly manner.

And they have a legitimate gripe.

Contrast that with the anti-vax, ant-mandate, anti-community yobs wreaking havoc across Canberra over the past fortnight – with another big rally on Parliament House planned for this weekend.

The boofheads in the so-called Convoy to Canberra have had little respect for people and property while they have gone about the city breaking laws and issuing all manner of threats.

The tragic irony is that the nurses’ plight and the pressure on the nation’s hospitals are all the worse because of such selfish troublemakers.


Nurses’ experience in mass vaccine delivery ‘overlooked’ by government   

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