Data dashboard for NFP sector could help policymakers

By Jackson Graham

February 21, 2022

laptop man, superimposed documents
The NFP dashboard has findings on financials, governance, and priorities. (Song About Summer/Adobe)

Organisations working in or alongside the not-for-profit sector can glean new localised insights from a dashboard crunching national data. 

The Australian Institute of Company Directors has compiled data from its most recent not-for-profit governance and performance study into a tool that could assist policymakers with considering decisions. 

The dashboard presents findings on the financials, governance, and priorities of nearly 2000 respondents and can be searched according to geography, subsector and profit. 

AICD not-for-profit sector leader Phil Butler said the dashboard helped convey the sector’s complexity. 

“The issues affecting directors are often remarkably different, depending on levels of income, sector of operation and geographical location,” Butler said in a statement. 

“By presenting the results from our survey in this new interactive way, people can now interact with the data and see distinctive differences for themselves.”

Key findings include nearly half of respondents believe the post-COVID environment had increased opportunities for their organisation, but this was lower among Tasmanian respondents. 

The survey also found that while 58% of respondents said their organisation made a profit in the previous financial year, the result was higher among both the social services sector and South Australian organisations than those from WA, despite there being equal respondents.


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