Mark Scott: innovation and efficiency at #OurABC

Innovation and efficiency will remain important to the ABC as it tries to do more with fewer resources, argues managing director Mark Scott, signalling moves toward greater outsourcing.

Today, I want to talk about the unique contribution that the ABC wants to make and wants to keep on making, as an important strand of the fabric of Australia’s cultural life; its civic life.

But it’s important, too, for you and the ABC’s many stakeholders—its staff, its audiences and those who write the cheques in Canberra—to get a sense of the unprecedented scale and pace of change that we and our colleagues in the media sector are encountering.

I want to talk about the possibilities and the problems, and how we will deal with both to renew the ABC for the future, to create an ABC for you and your children.

As the ABC Act demands—the ABC Board, not Government—will finally control the ABC’s decision-making and destiny. Yet, the final shape and detail of our response to these challenges will inevitably be influenced by Canberra. We face the immediate future knowing that funding cuts are coming, but their size has not yet been determined.

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