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eBook: Modern Best Practice in Healthcare

Sponsored by Oracle

“Every penny spent on administration is one that can’t be spent on patient care.”

At a time when technology-driven advances in medical science arrive almost daily, the back-office functions in too many healthcare institutions still struggle to improve productivity, extract insights, truly engage employees, and achieve operational excellence. This challenge is due to the cement-hardened processes and technical debt caused by using software designed 20 years ago.

The goal in this very eBook is to stimulate meaningful discussion about the state of healthcare and how healthcare organisations can simplify, unify, and transform enterprise operations to make meaningful progress.

We cannot predict the future of healthcare because there are simply too many variables. But we can show how technology can revolutionise the back-office administration functions.

Many of the world’s leading healthcare organisations have modernised and digitised their Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Now it’s time to focus on driving and aligning operational excellence with care transformation.

In this eBook we’ll explore:

  • How healthcare organisations can modernise, transform, and align their finance, supply chain, and human capital processes to optimise their ability to deliver exceptional and affordable care while achieving the healthcare industry’s “Quadruple Aim” to reduce per capita cost
  • Improve the patient experience & population health
  • Increase process efficiencies and clinician satisfaction
  • And much more..


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