Open call for innovation ideas in NSW

Innovation call by the NSW premier yesterday could mean major outsourcing, but also confirms that public data will be fast-tracked for release.

Short-term pain and fresh thinking may lead to some significant public sector structural reforms in NSW as a result of yesterday’s open call by Premier Mike Baird for community and private sector reform ideas.

Outsourcing is in right now, and its new name is Open Ideas. The federal Department of Human Services are going through it, the ABC is about to do it, and now so will every service delivery agency and department in NSW. Anyone with an outsourcing proposal can register with NSW eTendering to reform or take over an element of the government’s services as part of the Innovation Initiative.

The NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet will be the gatekeeper at this first “market sounding” phase, taking advice from the NSW Treasury and some of the major service delivery agencies: the Department of Family and Community Services, Office of Finance and Services, and Transport for New South Wales. A probity adviser will ensure that the commercial dealings are conducted with integrity.

“Currently, government services are delivered by public sector employees, through competitive tendering and via unsolicited proposals,” Baird said at the announcement. “The Innovation Initiative will provide a fourth channel through which we can uncover some of the exciting ideas and technology out there.”

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