Infrastructure projects galore: it must be federal budget time

By Tom Ravlic

March 28, 2022

Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

Multiple press releases on national infrastructure projects totalling $17.9 billion were uploaded to the prime minister’s website the day before the tabling of the federal budget.

One overarching media release announced the full package while every state and territory received its own bespoke message about the various projects that were being spread about the country.

The pre-budget announcements form a part of the infrastructure pipeline that includes $3.1 billion of new funding to build the $3.6 billion Melbourne Intermodal Terminal Package.

Rail extensions for Queensland had $2.7 billion allocated to them and a project crossing the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland known as the Outback Way is getting $678 million.

Prime minister Scott Morrison said that the lengthy list of infrastructure projects will result in direct and indirect jobs as Australia looks to make the economy stronger.

“By investing in these projects we are delivering the infrastructure that the Australian economy needs to grow, to get Australians home sooner and safer, and generate thousands of jobs and new opportunities for small businesses right across the country,” Morrison said.

“Australia’s future success relies on a strong economy. Our strong economic recovery is being driven by our record funding for major road projects right across the country.”

Deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce said the projects announced before the budget formally lobs on the despatch box on the Treasury side of the chamber would contribute to economic growth.

“We are investing in projects that will drive the growth of industries that generate the wealth our nation needs to become as strong as possible as quickly as possible,” Joyce said

“Getting more commodities to ports and sending them overseas will generate more export income, making our nation wealthier and stronger. Better roads and infrastructure will enable that.”

It took only a few mere hours after the suite of infrastructure funding projects were announced by the prime minister’s department for another announcement: construction of a 3.7 kilometre international runway for the Western Sydney International Airport.


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