Next government to be decided on May 21

By Tom Ravlic

April 11, 2022

Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison (file image) (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

Six weeks of electioneering and caretaker government have been ushered in by prime minister Scott Morrison, following his visit to governor-general David Hurley to call an election for May 21.

Morrison has declared the election is about a comparison and choice between his Coalition government and the opposition led by Anthony Albanese, while also trying to emphasise that the election should be about the voters rather than about him.

He said the government had a plan for the country but the opposition did not.

“It’s a choice between a strong and tested government team that has demonstrated our ability to make difficult and tough choices in tough times, and a Labor opposition who has been so focused on politics over these past few years that they still can’t tell you what they do, who they are or what they believe in, and what they stand for,” Morrison said.

Albanese returned fire by asserting that the Coalition parties had no vision for the future and that Labor believed it could deliver a better future with its policies.

During his press conference, Albanese said Australia is a great country, but it can be even better with a better government.

“This government doesn’t have an agenda for today, let alone a vision for tomorrow. They demonstrated that in their budget, which was nothing more than a ploy for an election campaign,” Albanese said

The Labor leader said Australians have had a tough couple of years but that as the country emerges from the various challenges of natural disasters and the pandemic it needed something better.

“Labor’s plans are aimed at easing cost of living pressures. We will build more affordable housing, we will fix the crisis in aged care. We will fix the National Broadband Network,” Albanese said.

“If I have the honour of serving as your prime minister, I can promise you this – I will lead with integrity and I will treat you with respect. I will restore faith in our political system by getting rid of the waste and rorts, and establishing a strong anti-corruption commission.”


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