Putin gives Morrison ‘badge of honour’ sanction

By Tom Ravlic

April 13, 2022

Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison is among Australians sanctioned by Vladimir Putin. (AAP Image/Bianca De Marchi)

Prime minister Scott Morrison is among Australians sanctioned by Vladimir Putin over participation in global actions against Russia for invading Ukraine.

The Russian move against Australian parliamentarians follows the commitment by Australia to assist Ukraine with humanitarian and lethal aid to help them fight Russian forces.

Sanctions against Australia also follow the gifting of 20 Bushmaster armoured vehicles to Ukraine, including two units fitted out as ambulances.

On the election campaign trail, the prime minister said the sanctions imposed by Russia on Australia were seen by him as a “badge of honour”.

“I’ve copped a lot of criticism, not just from Russia, but from countries in our own region, as you know. I’m happy to wear that as a badge of honour,” Morrison said.

“A badge of honour for standing up for Australia, because Australians know that, you know, I’m no pushover.”

Foreign minister Marise Payne said the Russian sanctions applied against Australia will not lead to a softening of Australia’s approach.

“It will not deter Australia, in any way, from imposing the maximum possible costs on Russia for the unlawful invasion of Ukraine. A wholesale breach of international law and a wholesale breach of the UN Charter,” Payne said.

The foreign minister said reports have emerged in recent days of the possible use of chemical weapons by the Russian forces in the conflict and they represent a further violation of international law by the forces of President Vladimir Putin.

“A further indication of President Putin and Russia’s absolute violation of every single value and every single rules-based aspect of the rules-based global order, which has stood us in such good stead for so many decades now,” Payne said.

“Australia will be working with our counterparts to determine the veracity of these reports and we’ll have more to say on that later.”


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