PSsst! Consultants not sweating it

By The Mandarin

April 14, 2022

Who gets the gig? (Monkey Business/Adobe)

Cool and calm consultants

Labor’s hierarchy has been putting it out there that outsourcing in the Australian Public Service is likely to be dramatically reduced if the ALP takes government.

Shadow ministers Katy Gallagher and Jim Chalmers have both already appeared to put consultancy firms on notice with recent public statements.

While that might be good news for actual public sector jobs, it doesn’t seem to be worrying consultants all that much.  

“They’ve got no idea how entrenched contracting and consultancy work is right across the APS,” one embedded consultant told The Mandarin.

“It will be a nightmare for them to undo all that. They will find it’s too hard and just give up.”

Equal coverage

We’re not sure whether there is a pairing arrangement between the government and the opposition where election campaigns are concerned, but we could not help but note that both the minister and shadow minister are off the campaign trail due to the coronavirus.

Labor’s Kristina Keneally told Twitter on Tuesday that she woke up feeling “rotten”, had tested positive for COVID, and she would be isolating at home. 

“A big thank you to the ALP Fowler volunteers for campaigning without me at train stations this morning — very grateful,” Keneally said.

Home affairs minister Karen Andrews reported a similar fate the next day.

“I will be working from home and will be back on the campaign trail in person as soon as I can,” Andrews said.

We wish them both a speedy recovery.

Better in Bass

With the election campaign still only a few days old, people in Launceston can’t believe how popular they have become.

The PM and the opposition leader have both spent considerable time there this week and each made a string of announcements. More visits from the big wigs can be expected.

That’s obviously because the seat of Bass is regarded as a must-win by both sides.

But with all the political types flooding the pretty northern Tasmanian city this week, one cheeky public servant gave The Mandarin their totally logical explanation for extra attention.

“It’s the water mate. It’s better in Bass.”

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