Election 2022: LNP WA ‘powerhouse’ resources plan a disgrace says Queensland minister

By Anna Macdonald

April 20, 2022

(AAP Image/Dave Hunt)
Queensland resource minister Scott Stewart. (file image) (AAP Image/Dave Hunt)

Queensland resource minister Scott Stewart has criticised the Liberal Party campaign commitment to turn Western Australia into a ‘powerhouse’ for resources and energy.

In a statement, the minister said: “Federal Resources Minister Keith Pitt is from Queensland, but it’s clear the LNP and Keith Pitt do not care about this state.”

Stewart further criticised the policy for being ‘short-sighted’ and a ‘disgrace’.

“The North West Minerals Province has world class deposits of new economy minerals the world is looking for,” continued the minister. 

“You would think having the LNP finally realise that new economy minerals are a golden opportunity for Australia would be a good thing but it’s all just a sham to secure votes in WA.”

Stewart added: “Our Collaborative Exploration Initiative grants are helping small businesses find the next big mineral deposits that will create jobs and royalties, and power the renewable energy revolution.”

Under the plan, announced on Tuesday, the Coaltion promised more jobs and $140 million for two hydrogen hubs in the Pilbara and Kwinana. 

At the time, prime minister Scott Morrison said in a statement that: “Western Australia is a world leader in critical minerals and these investments are just the beginning of our commitment to the sector, alongside our new hydrogen hubs, which back up the state’s status as an economic powerhouse for the whole country.”

Resources and water minister Keith Pitt, mentioned by Stewart, said: “Australia possesses extraordinary reserves of critical minerals crucial to many industries including medical equipment production, defence, aerospace, automotive and agritech.

“The Critical Minerals Accelerator Initiative is yet another example of how this Government is backing the resources sector to strengthen our national economy and create jobs, especially in regional Australia.”


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