PSsst! Lightning struck and still they stayed

By The Mandarin

April 20, 2022

lightning over a distant city
Oh, the power and the passion! (JSirlin/Adobe)

Midnight Foil

So why does Peter Garrett hate Canberra’s public servants so much?

Is it because he used to be one of their bosses not so long ago? Who knows? 

But he and his bandmates made Canberrans stand in the pouring rain for three hours last night before deciding to cancel the much-anticipated Midnight Oil farewell concert – outdoors at Stage 88 by Lake Burley Griffin.

The decision wasn’t made when the bad weather warning was first issued (at least three hours earlier); instead, loyal fans were repeatedly told the show was still going ahead.  

First, a junior stagehand was sent to the microphone to tell the drenched crowd that the band would appear on stage on schedule. Cheers all round.

Then the poor guy was sent back to say it was still going ahead because the weather was due to ease, but the starting time was pushed back half an hour. Not so many cheers – a few boos, in fact.

Finally, after more merchandise had been sold and the band was likely enjoying the spa back at their hotel, another official fronted the mic to read a statement that blamed ‘advice’ from ‘local authorities’ as the reason the show would not go ahead.

The mud-soaked crowd, who had patiently waited in the rain for hours, didn’t even get the courtesy of a band member delivering the bad news.

Instead, while lightning cracked over their heads, they were kept there by stagehands promising the show would go on.

Just to rub salt into the wound, public transport buses arriving at the venue to take disappointed punters home had massive advertisements for Midnight Oil’s new album plastered over their panels.

And to make matters even worse – the rain stopped and the skies cleared within minutes of everyone being sent home.

Oh, the power and the passion!

Protesting what?

COVID restrictions have all but lifted across the country, yet the so-called ‘freedom’ protesters still loiter around Canberra pushing their angry agenda.

What is their agenda now? Good question.

Has the plight of these sad people now turned into a subtle election campaign to push the views of far-right-wing political candidates? Hard to say, because no one in the capital is listening. But the antics seem all too reminiscent of more sinister times in world history.

Rightwing love-in

Speaking of right-wing candidates. Sky News anchor Paul Murray tried to draw Pauline Hanson from One Nation, Bob Katter from Katter’s Australia Party, the Liberal Democrats’ Campbell Newman, and Clive Palmer, the head of his own United Australia Party, into sledging each other during a ‘maverick’s pub test’ last night.

But questions inviting them to recall something nasty one said about the other at some stage in their career only resulted in positive natter from the candidates who are hoping to get voters to redirect attention to minor parties. 

Newman, a former Queensland premier who has had differences with Clive Palmer in the past, said the issues facing the country were more important and that it was good that people had resolved differences. 

It doesn’t mean there was no ding-dong at all between that non-diverse crew. Hanson decided to school Palmer on his 3% housing loan pledge and how it was nigh on impossible to make that real for punters.

Other than that, it was pretty much a right-wing lovefest.

Live crosses be damned

Anything can happen on the election campaign! Sky News’ Jonathan Lea was midway through a live cross this morning with Peter Stefanovic, talking about the day ahead for journalists on the Albanese tour bus, when his attention was drawn to a roll call. Somebody was clearly wanting to make sure nobody was left behind… and he was holding up the bus.  

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