WA Department of Communities seeks feedback for senior strategy

By Anna Macdonald

May 2, 2022

WA parliament house-western australia
Older Western Australians are invited to inform the state’s Seniors Strategy 2022-2032. (Rafael Ben-Ari/Adobe)

The Western Australia Department of Communities is asking for the thoughts of older West Australians to inform the WA government’s Seniors Strategy 2022-2032, a whole-of-government 10-year plan.

As part of the development of the strategy, from May to June 2022 the department will conduct statewide consultations. Both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 55 years and over and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 65 years and over are encouraged to participate.

Topics in the strategy include inclusion and respect, participation and employment, accessible information and services, rights and advocacy, financial and housing security, communication and digital literacy, and healthy and safe living.

Two-year action plans, informed by the strategy, aim to connect Western Australian agencies in an effort to respond to the needs of older people.

Seniors and ageing minister Don Punch said that in 40 years the over 65 population is estimated to rise to 23%, up 7% from 2020-21.

“This ageing population in WA offers many benefits, with older people making a significant contribution to our society and to our economy, as volunteers, paid workers, students, family members, carers and consumers.

“The strategy will look at supporting seniors to live the best life of their choosing, including through ageing with choice and living independently if they wish,” said Punch.

The Department of Communities is also consulting with other stakeholders such as community providers and local government to inform the strategy. 

The consultation will be done through hybrid focus groups, surveys and phone interviews.


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