Investigation begins into WA hydrogen target

By Anna Macdonald

May 9, 2022

Alannah MacTiernan
WA hydrogen industry minister Alannah MacTiernan stated on Wednesday the WA government is committed to backing the renewable hydrogen industry. (AAP Image/James Ross)

The Western Australian government is investigating a renewable hydrogen target that would see a certain percentage of electricity in the South West Interconnected System be fuelled by hydrogen.

In a statement, the government has said that the scheme will take elements from the Commonwealth Government’s Renewable Energy Target, and that it would improve the stability of the grid. 

As part of the investigation, there will be consultation with industry, consumers, and hydrogen producers, which was labelled as crucial for the implementation of a target. 

WA energy minister c noted the role of hydrogen in the future of the state’s energy supply.

“Western Australia’s world-class renewable energy resources provide a considerable advantage in the production of renewable hydrogen.

 “A Renewable Hydrogen Target may also prepare Western Australia to transition from natural gas electricity turbines to hydrogen turbines to stabilise our electricity grid,” Johnston said. 

Hydrogen industry minister Alannah MacTiernan added: “Renewable hydrogen offers an incredible opportunity to reduce emissions while supporting local jobs and delivering long-term wealth for Western Australians.”

Similarly, the Queensland government started a feasibility study late last year to look into the use of hydrogen-powered trains for bulk freight, citing emission concerns about the existing diesel fuel used. 

Federally, the latest budget included plans for Australia to become a top-three hyrdogren exporter for Asian markets by 2030.


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