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eBook: How to build a Healthy Performance Culture

Sponsored by Synergy Group

Public sector agencies have had more than five years to implement the Commonwealth Performance Framework (the Framework) and to strategically align outcomes, measures and activities. All government agencies should be aiming to have a high-level of performance.

Effective enterprise performance should be more than a ‘tick-the-box’ compliance exercise.

Applying the principles of enterprise performance means you deliver better outcomes for government, clearly articulate the unique value of your agency and drive the right behaviours in your organisation. This will ultimately contribute to improved transparency and trust. 

With the Australian National Audit Office’s (ANAO) increase in funding and powers, it will be applying greater scrutiny than ever before – so will you be ready?

This eBook will guide you in how to:

  • Shape your agency’s future.
  • Set your agency up for success.
  • Build a culture of transparency and trust.
  • Optimise your performance and evaluate your achievements.

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