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Whitepaper: Achieving patient centricity through data-driven care

Sponsored by Oracle

As the world emerges from a global pandemic, now more than ever, there is a shared understanding of the critical role that data plays in the effective delivery of healthcare.

When used well, data has the power to reduce costs, provide more timely, innovative, and targeted services, and ultimately produce better patient outcomes.

To respond to the challenge, providers have been aiming to better use their own data and data from their ecosystem to provide more patient-centric care. Experience has shown that the key to unlocking the full potential of that data is to eliminate data silos.

Peter Williams, Oracle’s Executive Director – Healthcare Industry, explores some of the significant challenges faced by the industry around data and its impact on healthcare, including: 

• Quality & volume of data in a complex healthcare ecosystem
• Untapped data
• Data governance, security, privacy, and confidentiality
• Inequities in data
• Standards in healthcare
• Insights from Artificial Intelligence

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