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Whitepaper: Data management during a machinery of government change

Sponsored by Commvault

Data management rarely tops the list of priorities during a MoG.

Experts interviewed by Intermedium said that despite the availability of useful data management tools, there is a reluctance among Senior Executive Service (SES) managers to utilise them to clean and contain data, resulting in high costs, needless duplication and frustrating access delays. But it needn’t be this way.

It can be a challenge to readily conceptualise what we mean by ‘data management’ and distinguish it from related data responsibilities, such as data storage, data governance or data security.

This white paper shows that contemporary data management systems offer full flexibility: on price, services, storage, and the ability to easily pack up and ‘port’ individual components of the various data assets held by an agency during a MoG, whether they are operational, strategic, or application specific. It also showcases:

  • Multiple case studies
  • How data can be stored & classified
  • Common data management mistakes to avoid 
  • How to future-proof your data platform

Download the whitepaper now, to learn more.


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