PSsst! I do declare, Mr Clare

By The Mandarin

June 10, 2022

Jason Clare
Education minister Jason Clare. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

I do declare, Mr Clare

So how come there were noticeably more people sporting buffed nails and shiny shoes inside the Department of Education, Skills and Employment on Wednesday? Well hello, new education minister Jason Clare, who popped in to address the loyal public servants working in his department.

He was, by all reports, very impressive in his remarks and endeared himself to the staff. Having had prior warning of his visit (of course), some of the troops went about trying to be somewhat impressive themselves. So on the day of his visit, there was beautifully coiffured hair, new duds and sparkly eyes – and that was just the minister.

Vividly enjoyable

Is it possible Albo could be a little smitten by his New Zealand counterpart? 

Anthony Albanese had dinner with Jacinda Ardern last night at Kirribilli House while together they watched the Opera House light up in colours. He posted a glowing report of it on his official Facebook page. The pair even swapped some vinyl records showcasing their favourite Trans-Tasman rock music. 

“Lovely dinner with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern this evening. We managed to catch a bit of VIVID from across the Harbour before dinner. I’m looking forward to our bilateral meetings tomorrow where we will discuss all that our countries have in common,” the PM said last night.

They weren’t alone of course, and it’s certainly not the first time they’ve met. But no surprise if he does have a soft spot for her. Even ScoMo was vividly smitten by the NZ PM each time they met.

Jumping the Sharks

And talking about the former prime minister… 

Treasurer Jim Chalmers addressed a televised economic forum this week and he could not resist having a poke at Scott Morrison, without mentioning his name. A fellow panellist, Australian Workers’ Union national secretary Dan Walton, backs the Cronulla Sharks — as does Morrison.

“[Dan’s} got a bit of a bounce in his step, because 18 days ago, Dan became the most senior person in Australia who follows the Cronulla Sharks. So just bear with Dan, as he processes all of that,” Chalmers quipped. 

Arts for arts’ sake

No surprises here either, but when Peter Dutton recently announced his shadow ministry, the Arts portfolio was initially left off the list. Once the omission was realised, it was quickly added to Paul Fletcher’s opposition responsibilities. Fletcher was, after all, the arts minister for the former government. Not that anyone could tell the Coalition had an arts portfolio even when in government.  

As the saying goes – always start out as you wish to continue.

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