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By The Mandarin

June 30, 2022

Elvis Presley
What’s the deal with Elvis and Canberra’s public servants? (Walter Cicchetti/Adobe)

Suspicious minds

What’s the deal with Elvis and Canberra’s public servants?

A bunch of reasonably senior public servants from the nation’s capital were spotted in Bendigo recently visiting the Elvis: Direct from Graceland exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery. 

It’s a very cool exhibition that was opened way back in March by the King’s widow, Priscilla.

So it’s no surprise then that people, including public servants, from around the country would flock to see it.

But is there any link to be made when these same public servants – along with a decent-sized group of their APS friends – also attended a Canberra screening opening night of Baz Lurhmann’s over-the-top Elvis biopic movie a few days later? 

There’s probably not anything at all to be made of it,  but we’ll try our best to make a link anyway – because there’s obviously a hunk a hunk of Burning Love going on for Elvis the Pelvis within the ranks of the APS.

Perhaps these hardworking public servants are looking to Elvis for inspiration and have found it in his songs.

Maybe they’re applying his wise words of wisdom to their work and telling themselves and each other It’s Now or Never and demanding A Little Less Conversation.

When substandard briefings lob on their desks do they get All Shook Up and Return to Sender or tell themselves Don’t Be Cruel instead?

What’s even more baffling, The Mandarin knows of one public service power couple who made the pilgrimage to Bendigo only to sit on the steps of the art gallery for a pic of the Elvis sign and leave.

It’s simply The Wonder of You.

Trading places

Spare a thought for the governor-general, who fell into the trap of a tradie who knew a good opportunity when he saw it.

The Queen’s representative in Australia, David Hurley, has apologised for appearing in a video posted on social media praising the builders who did the renovations to his private home.

The GG insisted he received no benefit from the recordings, but had just spoken on the “spur of a happy moment” and wished only to say he was very pleased with the builder’s work.

Apparently, he didn’t think the video or photo of him awkwardly standing in a well-lit renovated kitchen next to his wife and the builders would be made public.

Really? “Have a pic wiv us guvnor. Let us video ya too. All for private use of course.”

The whole debacle serves as a good cautionary tale to always think twice about what you’re saying when anyone whips out a camera. If something’s recorded, it can find its way online.

And never get in the way of a tradie seeking endorsement.

Droning on

Drones are going crazy in far north Queensland.

There is increased drone activity in and around Cairns Airport, to the point where the Civil Aviation Safety Authority is getting angry about it.

CASA has issued a warning to drone operators that they are in breach of guidelines if they get too close to airports with their flying toys.

CASA has partnered with Airservices Australia, Cairns Airport, and the Australian Federal Police to monitor the use of drones in and around the airport.

Drone operators should not be using drones that weigh more than 250 grams within 5.5 kilometres of an airport. Drones of any size are not meant to be flown in the airspace used for landing and departure.

It is a warning that comes as the school holidays commence, with children and teenagers likely to want to experiment with drones.

On the Canavan caravan

Federal parliamentarians are not yet back at work inside the big house on the hill, so some of them are filling in time by throwing digital grenades on social media to pass the time. 

Returned senator Matt Canavan, from the Liberal-National Party, has kept himself busy tweeting on various topics – like tweets on climate change and the recent overturning of Roe versus Wade – designed to stoke outrage. 

Canavan’s Twitter use isn’t the only thing to have caused controversy in recent times. The ABC’s Media Watch this week ran a segment on Canavan’s repeated use of messages on a television screen during interviews broadcast on current affairs programs. 

One might conclude that the senator is being encouraged to continue this promotional endeavour given the reaction with which he is regularly rewarded. For some reason, they keep interviewing him.

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