Transformation agency caution: ‘digital lipstick won’t work’

The federal government’s new Digital Transformation Office will adopt open data projects along with its remit to improve the customer experience online. The Mandarin gathers more detail.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic about a new digital “start-up” inside the Canberra bureaucracy exploring innovative uses of data and bringing quality control to online service delivery. But it comes with a note of caution from public sector technology advisors that digital transformation is more than just ICT and must go beyond cosmetic front-end development.

More details have been released about the Digital Transformation Office, the new Department of Communications unit announced by the Abbott government on Friday. A “small team of developers, designers, researchers and content specialists” will drive the existing myGov digital platform and other projects focusing on “end-user needs in developing digital services”.

Only one name has been attached to the DTO so far — Pia Waugh revealed her involvement on Twitter but little more until administrative details were settled.

  • dp1974

    Hi Harley – you wrote:

    “Open data advocate, GovHack national organiser and Link Digital executive director Steven De Costa wrote online there is still room for improvement in the public data space as well”

    The embedded URL actually links to blog – unless I’m missing something Steven was not the author of the post.

    • Harley

      Thanks for spotting, I’ve fixed it. Steven’s comment came from an interview with me and that unrelated link was somehow added by mistake.