Defence gong for local makers of enhanced shipbuilding steel

By Melissa Coade

July 26, 2022

enhanced blast resistance
The winners’ shipbuilding steel improves the material’s performance with enhanced blast resistance. (Defence)

A three-way collaboration between the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG), BlueScope Steel and the University of Wollongong has won a Defence award recognising science and technology enterprise collaboration.

The group’s work, coordinated by DMTC Ltd, produced an Australian-made shipbuilding steel, improving the material’s performance with enhanced blast resistance.

The winners of the inaugural More, Together awards were celebrated at the defence science research summit, known as ADSTAR, last week. 

Award recipients were recognised for enhancing science-and-technology (S&T) outcomes via collaboration and innovation.

The runner-up for the science and technology enterprise collaboration award was a national medical countermeasures initiative also coordinated by DMTC Ltd.

Joint winners Sarah Zhang from Western Sydney University and Maree Mahoney from Defence were selected for an individual award recognising a leader who has actively contributed to shaping the S&T environment and empowered others to deliver world-class outcomes for the ADF.

“Professor Sarah Zhang is a researcher in the field of composite materials and structures with a focus on defence applications, in recognition of her leadership in addressing critical defence needs through innovative research,” a statement from defence read.

“Mahoney [has been recognised for] her strong commitment to and deep understanding of strategic workforce development and tireless work driving the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) gender equity and inclusion agenda, ensuring Defence attracts and retains the best talent.”

The 2022 powering innovation award also recognised a joint project between the Victorian Common User Facility Team of Lockheed Martin Australia and the Victorian government for outstanding research infrastructure. 

“Located in Melbourne, this facility is designed for use by small businesses, universities and the wider innovation community to enable short-term classified activities to be undertaken in a secure environment,” Defence said.

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