Restructure at SA Premier and Cabinet executives 11 execs sacked

A new chief executive has stamped his imprimatur on the SA Premier and Cabinet Department, sacking 11 executives and restructuring various functions.

South Australia’s Department of Premier and Cabinet is undergoing a major restructure, with 11 executives — around a quarter of the total — being shown the door in dramatic fashion on Thursday.

In what one source described as a settling of scores with those associated with the previous chief executive, at least one was escorted from the building without time to clear his desk.

The changes are effective immediately. It is understood redeployments will be ongoing for several weeks and some staff are likely to be offered redundancy packages.

The changes will help “simplify process and improve work practices” and “ensure that DPC is best placed to excel in supporting the priorities of the government on behalf of the people of South Australia”, department chief executive Kym Winter-Dewhirst told staff in an email yesterday. He added:

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  • CM58

    The marched exec obviously was not well-liked. Is it time to have “term of government” contracts for senior executives in the public service – suspect it would be more transparent.