Publication calendar: energy data finds use across government

After surviving the carbon tax repeal, the Clean Energy Regulator charts how its emissions data is used in public agencies with a new calendar.

Carbon emissions and clean energy data collected and shared as part of National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting is being used in more than 40 publications from at least eight public agencies. This week the Clear Energy Regulator launched a calendar of the data’s use across government publications.

The CER says the calendar illustrates the varied use of the NGER data, which is collected to comply with Australia’s Kyoto Protocol and UNFCC obligations and inform the public about greenhouse gas emissions and energy flows by corporations:

“The calendar includes information on the intended use of NGER data in government publications and highlights the great value that NGER data plays in informing policy formulation and decision making.”

Open Data has been espoused by many governments as a tool to encourage innovation via private enterprise, but the public sector can also innovate and find new uses for public data collected by other agencies.

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