The five reforms quietly changing Victoria for the better

Victoria has reason to crow about public policy successes in recent years. A survey of public servants across the service reveals the top reforms making the state a better place to live.

Out of the spotlight, the quiet work of best-practice public administration can be remarkably transformational, particularly when viewed with a longer-term perspective.

During 2014, in an effort to better understand Victorian best-practice public administration, I interviewed nine fellows from the Institute of Public Administration Victoria. The following are five of the top reforms identified by the interviewees …

1. Fewer road fatalities

Whether it be the introduction of mandatory seat belts, random alcohol and drug testing or mandatory electronic stability control for new vehicles, Victoria has been at the forefront of improvements to road safety. The establishment of the Transport Accident Commission underpinned these reforms with a no-fault compensation scheme.

These reforms involved contributions from a large number of agencies. One interviewee argued the success of the reforms was due to:

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