Leanne Wallace on ministers, ‘judicious’ use of consultants

Leanne Wallace spent 30 years in the NSW public service. Now consulting from the outside, she reflects on the role of the private sector and what ministers really want to hear with The Mandarin.

Leanne Wallace

Leanne Wallace

“I think there are certainly times when consultants are overused,” says Leanne Wallace. Which is not something you expect a consultant to government to say.

But Wallace has seen it from the inside, with three decades at executive and senior management levels in the New South Wales public service. As she told The Mandarin: “There’s certainly a few engagements where I’d say to agencies, you don’t need it, you shouldn’t be using it …”

Wallace has a broad government resume, with five years in the NSW Department of Health, five years with the Department of Land and Water Conservation and nine in a range of corporate, technical and policy roles at the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. More recently, as a deputy director-general in the Public Sector Workforce Office of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, she examined public service practice and reform across agencies.

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