Tasmania’s whole-of-government LGBTI leadership

Tasmania has become a global case-study on building specific capability across government. From a total ban on discussing LGBTI issues, it’s become the national leader through reference group advisory.

Allocated virtually no funding, and starting with just a small group of Department of Education employees and community members, Tasmania has gone from having the nation’s worst outcomes for its LGBTI population to the clear leader and a global case study on building specialised capability across whole-of-government.

With departments and public service commissions around the nation lamenting the lack of progress on government priority areas of indigenous and disability employment and social policy outcomes, there may be lessons from the island state that started with no positive engagement with the demographic it was suddenly tasked with supporting.

Tasmanian of the Year Rodney Croome says the 15 years of trial and error inside the state’s public service to reach these successful LGBTI policy outcomes began with him and fellow advocates approaching the Education Department shortly after the state’s homosexuality ban was lifted to start a reference group.

Rodney Croome

Rodney Croome

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